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Avante Ibogaine Reviews Testimonials

Ronnie C.

“I was addicted to opioids since 2006 and desperate to be free of the handcuffs of addiction. I only needed the opportunity and knew that I would stay sober afterward. You guys gave me that opportunity and I will never take it for granted. Thank you so much for what you do. You give people their lives back! Thank you a million times!”

Ronnie C.

Brookline, MA
Tim C.

“Words cannot describe the appreciation that I have to the entire Avante staff. Each of you are so caring and kind. You who made me feel worthy of love and care when I didn’t believe it myself. If there is an addiction “dream team” you guys are it. Each of you fill such an important role and work so seamlessly together. You are all like art in motion.

Ava, you are an angel! Your soothing and gentle way is so reassuring that I immediately knew I was at the right place.

Billy, you have such a warm and happy attitude that it’s impossible to not smile with you (do you ever not smile?). Thanks for making me laugh when I felt that I had nothing to be happy about.

Nick, what can I say? After 12 years of therapists and counseling there is not one who I could have shared all of my fears, regrets and anger with and been able to leave the session feeling better than when I started. You genuinely understand the pain and shame of addiction and have such a logical approach to healing and recovery. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for helping me to believe in myself when I felt certain that I was not worthy of it.

Doc, you are the glue that sticks it all together. Thank you for your professionalism and for making sure that I was comfortable for my entire stay.

I am so grateful and hopeful. I feel like I want to hug the world.

With sincere gratitude,”

Tim C.

Pt St Lucie, FL
Joseph C.

“My experience at the Avante institute,

My story began with the call I made to The Avante Institute. A gentle and kind voice was on the other end of the line. I began to explain how my life was not the life I wanted to live. Ava listened patiently and allowed me to explain what I had researched about Ibogaine treatment and then carefully answered my questions. We spoke at length that night and I made my decision to head to the Avante Institute. I arrived to Billy at the airport who was very attentive and carried my bags to the awaiting van. Ava and Nick were waiting at the Center and toured my through the beautiful oceanfront property when I arrived. I immediately felt comfortable and really at home.

I began my treatment/ journey with very little anxiety thanks to these new friends who helped to reassure me. I knew my life was about to change for the better after 25 or more years of drugs controlling my life, I was now about to to begin my sober and healthy life. My treatment lasted about 16 hours or so and during that the nurses and staff watched over me with my monitors being constantly checked. Knowing that I was never alone allowed me to fully let go and commit.

Post treatment I couldn’t have been more at ease. I spoke again at length with Nick the vulnerable areas of my life that I would need to pay close attention to and the changes that I would have to be willing and committed to make in order to maintain and follow the healthy and sober life that I wanted and needed. I cannot thank these people enough for their selfless effort and truly genuine interest in helping me. Seriously, they continue to check on me over three years later! Who does that? It is in my opinion that the Avante Institute program and methods are the very best that anyone can offer. Without them I might not be writing this today or be able to care for my ailing father as I now do. I hope that this letter can serve anyone who needs some insight to the most caring and professional group of people out there.”

Joseph C.

New York, NY
Lucy S.

“Dear Nick & Ava, I have no words to describe how much you have helped me. I know how much worse this could have been without the aid of your clinic. With the withdrawal I still felt, I honestly can’t say that I even regret that because it showed me compassion from two people whom I’ve known for a very short while and it truly touched me. It will be hard to say goodbye, but you should know that you are two angels sent for those who need you and I shall always carry you in my heart and in my blessings. I love you both”

Lucy S.

Toronto, Ontario
Bobby C.

“I had a wonderful experience and the Avante institute. All the staff was kind and nonjudgmental which made for a easier experience. I went into my treatment knowing this was not a cure all but a base for getting recentered. If u go in thinking Ibogaine will cure you and all you have to do is take the medicine them your setting yourself up for failure. Luckily I had a great support system when I got home and I can’t say there aren’t times I find myself wanting to use again but my support system as helped me through these times.

What the Ibogaine did for me was to help me out of any withdrawals and to remember who I was prior to my addiction. It reflected all the damage I had down to relationships and to myself and how far I had changed for the worse.

All the staff was professional and I truly felt like they cared for my well being. I never felt unsafe or not cared for. There is only so much they can do for you the rest is up to you and how much change you want to make after. Nick and I had many real talks and I never felt he was a fake or not taking interest in my well being. They also give you tools to use after such as counsel sessions if you so choose.“

Bobby C.

Karen C.

“I had tried ibogaine in Mexico in 2016 but it didn’t work. I drank at the airport on the way home. After two more failed attempts at rehab my husband found you guys in Bahamas and he pleaded with me to try ibogaine again.

When I got to your center I knew that it was going to be a different experience. I was detoxed properly and Ava, you are an ANGEL and are so knowledgeable.

I felt so safe this time. Nick, thank you for tolerating me, I know I was very negative at first. I’m sorry I don’t remember the doctors name but he was so comforting.

It’s been 3 months and I have not had a drink and for the first time in 20 years I feel confident. My eyes are welling with tears as I write this. All of you are amazing. Thank you so much!” p.s. Please say hello to Billy… he is such a kind man.”

Karen C.

Portsmouth, NH.
Angela G.

“Nick….. There is nothing I could ever do to repay you… you gave me my son back !!! Still going strong 2 years later!!! Thank you… thank you… thank you…..“

Angela G.

Naples, FL
Scott R.

“All I can say is AMAZING! The Center, the staff and the MEDICINE…. ALL AMAZING!”

Scott R.

Stacy A.

“I wish I had found the institute sooner but I guess we all have our own journey to go through. I was nervous of what ibogaine would show me but it wasn’t bad at all. Ibogaine opened my mind to see why I was self-medicating. It helped me in ways I didn’t expect and ways that rehab never has.”

Stacy A.

Richard D.

“Amazing group of people! You know your in safe hands with their attention to detail along with their medically based treatment. Such a gorgeous view on their private beach as well. I would recommend this facility to anyone who is ready to be done with drug addiction and take their life back the natural way. Keep up the great work!”

Richard D.

San Diego, CA
Billy H.

“Their place in the Bahamas is Paradise and Nick and Ava are incredible people doing amazing things!!!“

Billy H.

Atlanta, GA
Anton S.

“It is a great place with very professional and knowledgeble staff. Top notch“

Anton S.

Vienna, Austria
Colin F.

“What did I have to lose? Soon enough I would die from the drink and drug. Better still end up in the pokey. So I hopped a plane to Bahamas. One year in April for me and I haven’t looked back. Thanks so much!”

Colin F

Jonathan A.

“I had ankle surgery in 2013 and was introduced to pharmaceutical opiates by my doctor. I thought they were heaven in a little blue pill. A few months later I was addicted and they became the devil in a little blue pill. I was pretty much cut off by my doctor and I started injecting heroin. At the end it was three times a day just to function. I detoxed every way possible, but could not stay clean for more than a week. It was not until I discovered ibogaine and your clinic that I don’t crave opiates anymore. I don’t want to say it made detox easy, but I don’t have the cravings and I have a great support group around me.”

Jonathan A.

Baltimore, MD.
Kelly S.

“You all literally saved our marriage and probably saved my husbands life. He is changed in so many ways I can’t list them all. I can just say he is the man I married 11 years ago who I though I had lost and my kids would soon lose forever. Thank you a million times for the work that you do at your Institute.”

Kelly S.

Mooresville, NC.
Corey L.

“When I went to Avante I was at the end of my rope. My addiction controlled every waking moment of my life. Ibogaine gave me my life back. I am 8 months clean! If you are suffering, you’ve got to call and get here.”

Corey L.

Winchester, MA.

A Personal Ibogaine Success Story, Bravely Shared by Vivien

“Hi, my name is Vivien:

Let me first start with the story of how I got all the way to the Bahamas for my ibogaine treatment.

I was born in the Czech Republic where I lived with my mom, dad, and my brother. My family was absolutely wonderful but I wanted to expand my life and I left home for the USA at age 20. Without any money and not knowing how to speak the English language I managed to get a job and enroll in college in New York. Eventually, I opened my own home décor and construction company and became a successful businesswoman.

Although life wasn’t always easy, I managed my success with a social business life that included years of social drinking. Excessive drinking and alcoholism run a long history within my family and by the age of 35, while married with two beautiful children I had developed a daily chronic compulsion to drink. After finally achieving seemingly everything I had ever worked to accomplish I noticed alcohol playing a more prominent role in my life, to the point I was drinking in order to eliminate anxiety, depression, and insomnia. My original two glasses of wine with my evening meal had now escalated to a full blown addiction to alcohol.

Over the next 6 years, my family and I would experience a life of torment as I struggled with alcoholism. I lost my will to live, didn’t enjoy my beautiful home, lovely children or doting husband. Our financial success was uninteresting to me and no vacation, creature comfort or material object provided any happiness. As my depression grew stronger and my health began to deteriorate I experienced many trips to the emergency room, mental health facilities, detox units and rehabs.

Alcohol had become the basis of my life ill-lived and as my friends and family grew further and further away, I realized I was estranged from my even those I loved most dearly in my life. I felt as though I would never again find happiness, that my life had no meaning and the bottle became the only thing of importance to me. As regret continued to mount, I would go through a daily exercise of reviewing the damage and heartbreak that my drinking had caused and drinking seemed to be the only way to numb my pain and physical discomfort.

During what I was sure would be my final trip to a rehab, I overheard someone talking about “ibogaine”. Although it seemed far too good to be true, I was intrigued and wondered that if something like ibogaine was out there, why in the world were we all sitting around a rehab facility going through the pain and suffering of traditional detoxification? It couldn’t be true; it must be a scam.

After returning home only to relapse yet again, I was sure that I was days away from death. This was certainly my rock bottom, I had lost all hope and was willing to do anything that needed to be done to avoid dying. I began researching ibogaine on the internet and although I didn’t believe what I was reading, I decided to give it a try as everything else had failed me and I felt it was important to again eliminate another broken promise of hope.

The slew of ibogaine centers in Mexico read like a list of cheap scams. Proclaiming extraordinary results with virtually no effort I called two of them to see who I would get on the other end of the telephone line. As I suspected, I spoke with two men who each sounded like uneducated, used car type salespeople who were primarily interested in my money and had very little interest in my emotional well-being or health status.

I was so skeptical after these calls that I almost left it at that, certain that I did not want to go to Mexico to receive the treatment anyway. But my desperate state and hope for some miracle encouraged me to continue looking on the internet and I eventually came upon an ibogaine treatment center located in the Bahamas called The Avante Institute. The website looked different than the others.

The tropical environment looked therapeutic and when I dialed the number I spoke with a very kind and wholesome man who was interested in my state of well-being and did not even discuss finances or costs for the treatment. Although he had no knowledge of my financial situation, he invited me to submit an application to the center, which I reluctantly did.

Once approved for treatment and explained of the process I packed my bags for the Bahamas and headed to The Avante Institute where I realized I was putting my life in the hands of strangers. As I booked my airline ticket I remember thinking, “what life, I am no longer living”, I will go to this place and when it does not work I will know that I had tried everything before finally giving up and dying my slow, pathetic death from alcoholism.

When I arrived in the Bahamas I was greeted by Nick from Avante. His smile and gentle approach put my mind at ease a little and I was transported from the airport to a beautiful oceanfront compound in overlooking Paradise island. They settled me into my room which was beautiful, absolutely warm, and clean.

Right away they made sure that I was comfortable. Since I wasn’t able to stop drinking before arriving, I was required to go through a detox protocol prior to my ibogaine treatment. Avante’s Clinical Director “Ava” was always there making sure that I was comfortable during my detox.

When I woke up the first morning and opened the curtains I saw this beautiful beach, aqua blue ocean, swaying palm trees and colorful flowers. I began to cry as I realized that none of this was for me to enjoy; I was sick and dying and this beauty was certainly not to be wasted on my misery. I felt guilty for not being with my children, I felt fear that this would not work. I was overwhelmed with negativity and the fear of failing again. I closed the curtains and stayed in my room, crying throughout the entire first day, depressed, alone and scared. This was my first day at The Avante Institute Bahamas.

I opened my door to a gentle tapping to find Ava and Nick on the other side. They brought me a cold-pressed vegetable and fruit juice and sat with me for what seemed like hours to calm my nerves. As my detox began to set in, Ava placed an intravenous line in my arm and provided mineral and vitamin hydration which made me feel much better. The brought meals to my room and sat with me to assure me that I was a courageous woman who had taken the first painful step toward sobriety and that I should feel encouraged and proud.

Their reassurance was helpful, but deep down I felt like a failure, a coward that could never fix the damage that I had done. Over the course of the next days I went through a battery of blood tests, EKG and drug screens until I was finally cleared for the ibogaine treatment. The doctor on the Avante staff was wonderful and he took the time to very carefully explain what I should expect from the treatment.

On Tuesday morning I was prepared for my ibogaine treatment. My bed was prepared for the most comfortable experience and after watching a beautiful sunrise over the beach I was placed on the heart monitoring equipment and began my first “test-dose” of ibogaine. As I waited to see what would happen I began to feel a light buzzing in my ears. Slowly my dose was increased while I was continually monitored and watched by the compassionate medical staff.

After about two hours I began to experience visions. Originally quite scary, it began with a man in a black mask who removed the mask and I realized was the person who had hurt me when I was a child. After removing his mask, he slowly walked away and faded off and was followed by three more men who had represented bad experiences in my life, all donning the same black masks. One by one they each removed their masks and walked off, out of sight and out of my life forever.

The visions kept coming like a storm. More and more intense, some were quite scary but I managed to push them away. I revisited my childhood and relived my first daughter’s birth. It felt like a 3D movie and I was in it. I reconnected with my mother who had died a little over a year ago.

I saw the most beautiful images of my family as well as some very scary moments. I managed to push away the scary moments and focus on the happiness and beautiful visions. I saw the most amazing colors, green grass, blue water, flowers, closed and opened doors and lots of bright light. My visions included people that I didn’t recognize as well as people that I haven’t seen for a very long time.

At some point I became so tired I did not want to see the visions any longer. I was completely drained, but the visions didn’t stop. Eventually they slowed down and I continued to have more visions but mostly happy and very positive. I could hear the soft sound of drums and music from my childhood was clearly playing in my ears. Just unbelievable. During my peak I had a vision of an absolutely gorgeous Asian woman with pale skin, long black hair and the most amazing blue eyes. She appeared in my visions a few times and I continue to try and determine who she was.

As I felt the ibogaine was exiting my system I was told to try and rest but I could not stop thinking about what has just happened. I didn’t expect anything like that! The following morning, I was told that I would most likely be very emotional and maybe even cry, I was again reassured that this was normal. Although I didn’t have any of those feelings, I opened the curtains to my room to overlook the beautiful blue ocean. The light felt a little uncomfortable at first, but soon it washed over me like new life seeping into my body.

I was overcome with the most amazing feeling of peace and freedom. Everything looked so beautiful and I felt the rush of energy entering my body, simply I felt happy. What an amazing feeling! I was hungry and didn’t feel tired anymore. That night, after not sleeping for about 40 hours I fell asleep so peacefully and slept all night through. I actually slept peacefully every night thereafter until I left The Avante Institute three days later.

I was immediately open to trying yoga, meditation and even a gym workout at The Atlantis Resort and Spa. I enjoyed the spa massage that was offered as part of my package and I took long walks on the beach and enjoyed every moment of it. I couldn’t stop smiling. Life was so beautiful; and ibogaine gave me my life back.

As far as the visions, they all began to make perfect sense. They were trying to show me how my life will end if I do not stop drinking (I even saw myself in a coffin) or how beautiful it will be if I stop drinking now and fight to stay sober. It showed me that it was completely my choice on which way I choose to go. I was no longer held hostage by the forces of addiction. I have the choice of free will! It showed me the power of my mind, that I can change situations and let bad things go.

I spent a few more days at Avante. They all became like my short-term family and very caring and supportive. We spent good quality time together, talking, laughing, sitting at the beach by the bonfire and I enjoyed every moment of it. My cravings right now are non-existent, and I have so many plans for the future. The Avante Institute Bahamas felt like a home away from home and I will forever be grateful and thankful to Ava and Nick. You saved my life and I will not let you down.

With immense gratitude,


If anyone would like to speak with me regarding my experience at The Avante Institute with Nick and Ava you can email me @”